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Everybody wants to know what’s going to happen next, including members of the Public Relations Society of America.  For its end of the year look ahead, the organization looked into its crystal ball (actually, the newsletter editor checked with some of its more vocal members) and came up with Eleven Trends for 2011. This is what they discovered:

1.  Reputation Management Meets the “WikiLeaks Age”

2.  A New Data Deluge:  Opportunities Meet Analytical Challenges

3.  Here an App, There an App

4.  We’re Back in Business!

5.  Measurement Comes to the Forefront

6.  Wanted: Engaging Storytellers & Well-Written Content

7. Value of Public Relations Continues to Rise

8.  Transformative Online Practices Mature & Grow In Value

9.  Old Practices Come Back Into Focus

10.  Sharing of Resources In a Tight Economy

11.  Finally … Something That Won’t Change

My favorite prediction is the one that says things will stay the same, prediction #11.

The overuse of e-mail and technology to hide from reality. Leaders will continue to hide behind technology when dealing with tough issues. Our ego and desire to stay away from conflict will mean we continue, at times, to choose a method of communication that feels better, but won’t be as successful, and in the end, will waste valuable time. It might feel good to send off an angry e-mail, but passive-aggressive conflict on e-mail escalates faster and lasts longer.

People, including professional communicators, have come to hide behind veils of email, IMs, Facebook likes and Twitter updates. Text can be shaped into wondrous creations of enduring beauty but are a poor substitute for the sound of an earnest voice, firm handshake and sincere eye contact.

What do you think?